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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Welcome to Runners Blogs

Firstly, may we wish you a warm welcome to Runners Blogs. The site has been very much work in progress for a few weeks now, and we finally feel ready to go public!

The aim of Runners Blogs is to provide you with a central link to as many different running blogs as we can. So if you have a blog you would like to be added to the site, or you know of any blogs that you think are a good read, please drop us a comment or send us an email on the address at the bottom of the page!

The second purpose of Runners Blogs is try and provide you with an insight into the life of a sub-elite runner. We currently have 3 Host Athletes, who shall be updating their blogs regularly, and we hope to have a few more athletes on board in the near future. So watch this space....



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  2. Check out today's marathon picture quiz on

    Answers tomorrow.

    Terry Lonergan Sale Harriers

  3. Could probably do with an update sometime soon! Nice to see my blog there on the side though.

    Keep up the good work Pete- not going to be challenging Runners Life anytime soon but with a bit of work could be a quality site.

  4. Nice blog! keep it up and more power to you! :)

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  6. Hey!
    Just want to say that I just started my running/work blog and the male:female ratio on here is way off. I'm on my way to my first 10K race!
    Anyway, I do like this site!

  7. http://sherunstoo.blogspot.com/
    I'm just starting out but here's a blog about running, exercise, food and anything else related.

  8. First video blog for ASC fall semester - September 2011:


  9. jameslawler.blogspot.com


    Both worth adding to your list.